General questions

How can I choose an escort?
You will find a list with all our current escorts online. Our bookers will help you with your choice by phone, email or online.

Can I meet an escort at your location?
No, we are no club or bar.

How discreet is your service?
Highly. Our escorts will only get your first name, time and place of the meeting (when paid in cash) – like our bookers they are committed to discretion.

Why book escorts with Gents4Ladies?
We offer a great choice of carefully selected escorts, bookings on short notice, discretion, security and we accept all credit cards.

Are bookings outside of the capitals a possibility?
Yes. Travel expenses are extra, depend on distance and are € 0,36 per km.



How can I book an escort?
You can call us at +43 1 5227172, use the booking form or the online chat service.

When can I book an escort?
Dates are possible at any time. For bookings we are at your service daily from 14:00 to 00:30.

How long in advance should I book?
In Vienna about 45 minutes in advance will be enough, outside of Vienna it depends on the driving distance. It is always possible to book way in advance.

Is there a minimum duration time for a date?
Yes, one hour. When it comes to bookings outside of Vienna our bookers will inform you about the minimum duration time (e.g. Vienna-Graz 2 hours, Vienna-Linz 2 hours, Vienna-Klagenfurt 4 hours etc.)

Is cancellation possible?
If you’re not satisfied with an escort, you can cancel the date within the first 10 minutes. You will only be charged for travel expenses (€ 40,- in Vienna or the agreed travel expenses for other locations).

Can I cancel agreed bookings?
Yes, you can already cancel bindingly agreed bookings before the start of the appointment. In case of cancellation up to the day before booking 50 % of the confirmed price are cancellation costs. In case of cancellation on the day of booking 100 % of the confirmed price are cancellation costs.

Are there any further costs?
No. Travel expenses will be included in the agree price. Tips are not expected.



When do I pay?
You pay the escort at the beginning of the date or by credit card.

How much is a date?
The first hour in Vienna is € 170,-. Each further hour is € 100,-  Evening flat rate for 5 hours is € 500,- Night flat rate for 10 hours is € 900,- For longer dates or travelescorts we offer special flat rates.

Are travel expenses included?
Yes, our prices include travel expenses in Vienna. For bookings outside of Vienna we will inform you about the travel expenses in advance (€ 0,36 per km).

How can I pay?
You can pay in cash, with credit card (Visa, Mastercard) or with popular foreign currency (CHF, GBP, US$).

How does payment with credit card work?
We will need your credit card information with your booking. At the date you sign the completed credit card voucher and receive a copy. Your statement will only show “Commgate” as the recipient.


Internet service

How often do you update the website?
We update our website daily. New escorts will be marked with *NEW*. Visit our website regularly to get a fair overview.

Do you provide data security?
Yes. Your transferred data will be encoded with secure socket layer (SSL, 128 bit) and only used for the purpose of your request or booking. It’s understood that we will not transmit your data to third parties.


Working with Gents4Ladies

What is the role of Gents4Ladies?
We advertise our service internationally, support our clients and further our escorts in all matters concerning their job.

Can I work as an escort?
We always seek to expand our team. If you fulfill the basic requirements (19-50 years, good looks and manners), please apply online. Don’t forget to add a picture of yourself!

Can I work anonymously?
No. Or philosophy and legal reasons require we know the identity of our escorts.

Is it a full time job?
No. Most escorts work part-time.

How much can I earn?
That strongly depends on your type, your availability and client response.


Your question wasn’t answered?

Do not hesitate to call us or send us a message – we will be pleased to further inform you.